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4 Tips for Making Social Media Work for Your Business

Over-the-shoulder view of a man looking at his computer screen

Looking for an easy way to connect with potential customers and share what you do? Social media gives you the ability to create awareness of both your business and the growing forestry industry. As younger generations enter the workforce and as people use more technology to connect with each other, using social media is a great way to interact with customers and spread the word about the importance and value of logging.


Whether you are already using Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, or you are just beginning, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:


  • Goals — What do you want to accomplish by using social media? Maybe it's more calls from customers, more visits to your website, or showing the benefits of logging. Be sure to get started with the basic information, such as: address, phone number, and website address so your customers know how to reach you.
  • Audience — What do your customers need? By making yourself and your business available online, you can show them that you can provide the products and services they are looking for. Connecting with them on a social level can also make customers feel like they can do business with someone that they know, not just another faceless company!
  • Content — Take advantage of the freedom that social media offers to personalize your pages. Post photos of your products or services in action to really show off what you do. Videos also are very effective for capturing a customer’s attention, but keep them relatively short so they won’t lose interest. Interact through questions and comments to keep things personal and show customers that they're valued.
  • Evaluate and Improve — Once you've had some time to set up your social media pages, consider if your posts are helping you accomplish your original goals. At a minimum, make sure that your information is always current, and then explore the ways that other businesses are presenting themselves online and how you can improve. You may even check out social media reporting tools such as HootSuite, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and others to measure your success. Just like building your business, developing a strong social media presence the right way will take time. There are no shortcuts or tricks—so be patient and consider it a long-term investment.

    Brice Hoover, a young logger from Monticello, Arkansas, said, "I'm on Twitter. I follow John Deere on Twitter, and just a couple days ago they said, 'what do you love about logging?', and I got to put on there that I get to enjoy God's creation every single day, and then I get to work alongside my dad."


    We hope these tips help get you rolling, because at John Deere, We’re For Loggers.