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John Deere listens closely to generator set manufacturers. That's why we continue to expand our generator drive options to include a range of DOC/SCR engines. They use diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to meet Final Tier 4 emissions regulations.


These compact and durable engines provide generator set power from 128 to 473 kWm to cover the needs of the prime power market. They meet customer performance expectations without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF). In addition to generator sets, these engines can provide power to selected constant speed applications.

four engines in a row horizontally

Full line of generator drive engines

PowerTech™ DOC/SCR engines join our complete lineup to give generator set manufacturers more choices for meeting emissions regulations around the world. We will continue to provide DOC/DPF/SCR engines, which deliver the best available control technology (BACT) for reducing particulate matter and provide premium performance when the job requires it. We also offer a full line of Tier 3, Interim Tier 4, and non-emissions certified engines for standby generator sets and nonregulated areas.

Model Aftertreatment Technology KWm stdby KVA prime* KVA Node
3029 EWX DOC/DPF 36-55 36-54 40-50
4045 EWX DOC/DPF 55 54 50
4045 PWL DOC/SCR 68-99 66-95 60-90
4045 PSS DOC/DPF/SCR 105-124 100-119 100-120
4045 PSL DOC/SCR 128 123 120
6068 PVS DOC/DPF/SCR 150-180 143-172 150-180
6068 PVL DOC/SCR 160-192 154-185 150-180
6068 PSS DOC/DPF/SCR 216-240 208-232 200-220
6068 PSL DOC/SCR 216-240 210-233 200-220
6090 PSS DOC/DPF/SCR 237-326-345 229-317 300
6090 PSL DOC/SCR 273-326-345 265-317 300
6135 PSS DOC/DPF/SCR 256-473 358-461 450
6135 PSL DOC/SCR 473 473 450

Ratings shown for 1800 rpm

Big-Engine Durability

Heavy-duty components that are usually found in larger engines are used throughout our generator drive engine line. Many of our DOC/SCR engines feature top-liner cooling, steel pistons, and variable-speed fan drives.

  • 500-hour oil change
  • Replaceable wet-type cylinder liners
  • Directed top-liner cooling (6.8L, 9.0L)
  • Single-piece, low-friction steel piston with integrated oil-cooled gallery (6.8L, 9.0L)
  • Optional variable-speed fan drive improves fuel economy and reduces noise levels
  • Low-pressure fuel system with electrical transfer pump and "auto prime" feature


In a small package

John Deere generator drive engines have always been known for delivering more kW per liter of displacement. With increased kWm for three ratings, our new DOC/SCR engines continue that tradition of power density, while providing improved engine packaging.

Staying in sync

A single electronic control unit (ECU) controls the engine and entire Integrated Emissions Control system. John Deere electronics provide load recovery, clean power, better diagnostics, engine monitoring, and ease of synchronization when operating more than one generator set in parallel. John Deere uses smart governing and throttling selections to make this process seamless — even when paralleling to older mechanical engines.

Low idle speeds

All John Deere DOC/SCR engines have low idle capability for reduced fluid consumption and decreased wear and tear during transport or start-up and shutdown checks.

Dual frequency

Electronic controls on our DOC/SCR engines make it easy for manufacturers that need 60 Hz and 50 Hz power to switch between 1800 and 1500 rpm without reprogramming.

Easy operation

John Deere generator drive engines are designed to minimize noise and vibration. All service points are located on a single side for easy access and quick service. Plus, our DOC/SCR engines are simple to operate.