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High School

You've got the talent, the skills, and the interest. You like working with your hands, solving problems, and getting the most out everything you work on. So what's next after high school? Consider a career with John Deere. The John Deere TECH program gives you the power to turn your abilities into a career that matters. Here's focused training and the credentials you'll need to become an essential member of a John Deere dealership team.


This two-year associates degree program balances classroom theory, hands-on lab work and paid internships. You'll cover John Deere diesel engines, powertrains, hydraulics, and machine set-up systems in-depth. You'll become proficient with high-tech electronics, computer diagnostics, and proprietary John Deere systems. But you'll also benefit from learning the communication and customer relations skills essential for your success.


If you're ready to be the best, then John Deere TECH is ready for you.

How it works

Here are the first steps toward your career as a John Deere TECH:

  • First, get your high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Second, contact the John Deere TECH Program you want to attend. They'll help you figure out what exams you need to take and what paperwork you need to complete.
  • Next, register and pass all required entrance exams. Some schools may require you to take additional skills/aptitude tests, as well.
  • Finally, find a qualified John Deere dealership to sponsor you.


Canadian Programs
Olds College Olds, Alberta
Assiniboine Community College Brandon, Manitoba
Fanshawe College London, Ontario
École Professionnelle College de Saint-Hyacinthe Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dealer sponsorship

Every TECH student must be sponsored by a John Deere dealership as part of the TECH program. TECH students also work at their sponsoring dealerships as part of the curriculum. And get paid for it. This is where all your time in class — learning customer service as well as hydraulics — comes together. At a dealership, TECH students learn from seasoned service technicians and deal with real people, customers who need their equipment fixed right. And fixed right now.

Your time at a dealership is intense. You'll put all you know about John Deere diesel engines, powertrains, electronics, and diagnostics to work. You’ll learn you really can fix a machine with a laptop instead of a wrench. And you'll discover how your skills affect everyone you come into contact with, from customers to coworkers. It's this real-life experience that puts John Deere TECH graduates in demand. Not only are you learning about working in a dealership, but dealerships are learning about working with you.

Find a dealer by you to learn more.


John Deere TECH students are eligible for financial aid. There are federal and state student loan and grant programs. Scholarships are awarded through local service clubs such as Rotary. Every campus hosting a TECH Program offers forms of financial assistance, plus their financial advisors can help you sort out the options.


Best of all, some sponsoring dealerships will help you repay your TECH student loans if you agree to work for them after you leave school. So not only will there be a job waiting for you after graduation, but you'll be paying off your education faster than you ever thought you could.


Don't let money worries halt your dreams. Every John Deere TECH Program has instructors and financial aid offices ready to help. All you have to do is ask.


Contact us to learn more about financial aid opportunities.

Recommended tools

John Deere understands that owning your own tools is essential to your success as a service technician. TECH students can purchase high-quality John Deere tools and tool-storage products at competitive prices through the John Deere Tools for TECH Program. Current first-year and second-year TECH students in good standing are eligible. To determine the tools you'd like to order, download the master tool list then have your sponsoring dealership parts manager order what you need. For more information about the Tools for TECH program, speak with your dealer sponsor.

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