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Data Principles

This overview discusses data and related end-user application services offered in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Please note that these Business Data Principles and linked answers to the Frequently Asked Questions are purely informational summaries of our practices. The policies and provisions that govern our use of data and personal information are stated in our customer contracts and our Privacy and Data page.

1. Data Services

We provide a data and related end-user application services to support your and our business needs.
  • We are committed to applying our core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation to data management as it becomes a more important part of your and our businesses.
  • Your participation in these services will help us provide current and future data services to enable your and our businesses.
  • These services are offered by our agriculture, turf, construction, forestry and power systems equipment businesses and not others. For the policies of John Deere Financial and John Deere Insurance Company refer here.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

2. Data Types

We differentiate business data into machine, production and other data.
  • Machine Data are data that generally relate to how your equipment is functioning. Examples include fuel consumption, machine health indicators, vehicle diagnostic codes and engine performance.
  • Production Data are data that generally relate to the work you do with the equipment and the land on which the work is performed. Examples include field task details, material moved, trees or crop harvested (yield), and agronomic inputs applied.
  • Other Data are data that we identify for special handling. Examples include variable rate prescriptions, user-entered notes and user-formatted reports.

View a detailed explanation of our data type categories.
Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

3. Data Uses

We use these business data to help you do your job, and to help us make our products, services and business more useful.
  • We describe in detail what we do with these business data in the online services terms or the contracts you sign with us. In general, John Deere and our data service providers may access your business data when necessary to provide our services or administer your account.
  • In addition, we may use your Machine and Production Data to improve our products and services. We may use Machine data for this purpose in original or anonymized forms and Production Data in anonymized forms only.
  • We do not use Other Data beyond what is necessary to provide your service and administer your account.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.
View our Privacy and Data Statements.

4. Consents & Control

We gather your consent to use and share data.
  • Your permission for usage and disclosure is included in your online service terms or contracts with us.
  • We provide you the ability to manage your data use preferences online.
  • You control the management and sharing of business data within your MyJohnDeere.com account.
  • You may request that we delete data from your account.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

5. Data Disclosures

We carefully manage how data is disclosed to others according to your agreements with us and your preferences.
  • To support your subscription services and to perform our business operations we may disclose Machine and Production Data to affiliates, suppliers and our service providers. In addition we may disclose Machine Data to dealers.
  • You may disclose Machine, Production or Other Data by granting another party the rights through your MyJohnDeere.com account. You can also download and share the data in your account at your discretion.
  • With your permission, we may offer or sell information services derived from anonymized Machine or Production Data to non-affiliates and other parties. Examples include reports for industry research, trend analysis and benchmarking.
  • Court orders, legal processes or other legal requirements may require us to disclose these business data.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

6. Data Protection

We protect the business data you provide us.
  • We maintain physical and computer security to protect the data entrusted to us.
  • We maintain internal access controls to ensure use and disclosure commitments.
  • We obey applicable country law for managing data and protecting your rights.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.