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Municipal Leasing

Get what you need. Pay as you go. It's really that easy.

As capital budgets shrink, and workloads increase, we figured you'd appreciate a low-cost, low-risk alternative to installment loans or outright purchase of equipment. It's called Government Leasing, and it comes in two flavors:
John Deere Tractor with Rotary Cutting attachment working in a grassy field

The Municipal Lease (Immediate Ownership)

Spread your capital costs over 12-60 months.

Choose the Municipal Lease if:

  • You prefer outright ownership, but need to spread capital costs over several years.
  • You have money available in your operating budget, not the capital budget.
  • There's a possibility funds will not be appropriated.
John Deere Tractor with cutting attachment mowing grass in the median of a highway

The Operating Lease (24 to 36 months)

Get what you need for specific projects.

Choose the Operating Lease if:

  • You plan to temporarily expand your fleet to complete specific projects.
  • You'd like a limited term, either 24 or 36 months.
  • You're a private contractor performing government work, and need additional equipment.

Run the numbers.

  • Follow the link to learn more about government leasing options without JDLINK

    Standard lease options

    Looking for John Deere equipment in a great lease package? Check out this option featuring a tractor and 15' rotary cutter.

      View leasing options
    • Follow the link to learn more about government lease options with JDLINK

      Lease options with JDLINK

      Our regular lease options already make it easy to save, but add in the JD Link equipment monitoring service for an even better package.

        View leasing options with JD Link
      We've made it easy to see the benefits of both leases by providing real-world examples - one with JDLINK included and one without. If you'd like to customize even further, check out our Lease Calculator.