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Header Equipment Parts and Attachments

Harvester in corn field

Down Crop Kit

Image of Down Crop Kit
  • Reduces number of welded divider points and replaces the center divider with a much shorter version, allowing it to feed in down or tangled crop conditions
  • Center shield is also redesigned to advance material to the feedrolls smoothly

    Part Number:
     LCA98587 (678 Rotary Harvesting Units)

Trash Nets

Image of Harvester with trash nets on harvester
  • Covers the auger and attaches to the compressor sheet of the pickup
  • Prevents crop buildup all over the machine, including the cutterhead cover
  • Does a great job keeping the leaves in the feed

    Part Number:
     LCA100961 (630B and 630C)
    Part Number:
     LCA101111 (640B and 640C)
    Part Number:
     LCA103888 (645B and 645C)