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Replacement Teeth

John Deere 'Original Line' Teeth
John Deere builds rugged replacement teeth and adapters for most brands of backhoes, excavators, loaders, scrapers, and graders. John Deere teeth are available in either split-washer or two-piece-pin configurations to make replacement of these critical wear parts as quick and cost efficient as possible.


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Studio image of an RVJ bucket toothRVJ System
The RVJ bucket tooth system is engineered to deliver hammerless technology to existing CAT J series adapters through a converter and helical pin design. The converter is secured between the existing CAT J series adapter and the RVJ tooth. The helical pin is placed in the tooth's nose where it is rotated 180 degrees with a common socket wrench and tightly secured. Convert to a fully hammerless system, without changing adapters!


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Caterpillar Replacement TeethCaterpillar Replacement Teeth
The oversized pocket characteristics of these teeth with the extended adapter nosepiece provide a nose fit between the tooth and adapter which results in strong impact resistance with a loose fit in the ramps. Cat style teeth use a horizontal pin and retainer.


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H&L Replacement Teeth H&L Replacement Teeth
H&L style teeth are designed for backhoes and excavators. They are available in a multitude of shapes offering superb performance and reliability in all digging conditions. H&L style teeth use a horizontal flex pin.


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Hensley Replacement Teeth Hensley Replacement Teeth
The parabolic (dished-out) design creates a wedging and self-tightening fit. A recessed channel on the inside sidewall of the tooth matches a tapered extension on the adapter nosepiece forming a locking fit. The design absorbs impact loads. Most Hensley style teeth use a vertical roll pin; flex pin or steel keeper, depending on size.


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ESCO Helilok®/Vertalok® System ESCO Helilok/Vertalok System
Teeth mount on both the Vertalok and Helilok adapters with a quarter turn and butt up against the adapter nose to take thrust loads head-on. The helical threads and large stabilizing flats at the end of the nose deliver maximum resistance to severe breakout forces. Digging forces are distributed over the entire nose surface, which results in added strength and durability. With Quadrilok, the helical threads create a "locknut" force to resist shock loads and keep the point securely locked.


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ESCO Conical TeethReplacement Teeth
The "conical" design mating system between tooth and adapter creates self-tightening action. The raised center area on the top and bottom of the adapter nosepiece fits tightly into the formed area on the top and bottom of the tooth pocket. The design reduces tooth movement both vertically and horizontally. Conical teeth use a vertical pin and rubber lock.


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ESCO Super V™ESCO Super V
The Super V  tooth twists a quarter turn onto the adapter and "butts up" against the adapter nose to match breakout forces more closely. The unique, 1-piece, vertical, drive-thru pin locks to the tooth ear for excellent point retention. It is completely covered by the tooth ear to reduce wear and avoid pin walk. The 1-piece pin provides easier changeover and is reusable for 29 Series sizes and larger.


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Watch the video to learn more about RVJ

RVJ Bucket Tooth System

Now you can utilize the half-turn technology you enjoy with John Deere TK-Series Teeth to convert J series adapters to a fully hammerless solution.

Watch the video to learn more about RVJ