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Maximum Life Undercarriage

A Tougher Undercarriage with Longer and More Even Wear

With rapid and unbalanced undercarriage wear eating up some 50% of the average contractor's maintenance budget, our new Maximum Life Undercarriage is a strong ally in the battle to keep uptime up and operating costs down. This new system combines popular and exclusive SC-2™coated bushings with new stronger seals and larger components that deliver longer and more balanced wear. Contractors across the country are enjoying dramatically increased uptime with SC-2 crawler bushings. And now, this protection has taken several steps forward with the John Deere Maximum Life Undercarriage.

SC-2 bushings work together with dramatically improved seals and larger, longer-wearing components for a Maximum Life Undercarriage engineered to deliver significantly longer and more even wear. This new undercarriage has been designed to withstand up to 4,500 hours in wet, highly abrasive soil. With these bushings, seals, and larger components working together as a system, wear life is longer and occurs more uniformly between all system components.

Maximum Life Undercarriage Options

SC-2 Bushings Tough It Out

Intensive laboratory testing conclusively proved that the SC-2 coating is 25-percent harder than chrome plating. SC-2 coated steel aced a sand-wheel test, holding up four times better than parts not protected by SC-2. In addition, SC-2 bushings shrugged off a brutal impact test where researchers dropped a 220 pound (100kg) weight on it 500 times from a height of 30 inches. Finally, SC-2 bushings were fractured in a hydraulic press to see if the coating would stay fused to the steel. The coating passed with flying colors. But on top of all that laboratory testing, SC-2 has been tested and proven where it really counts: in the field.

2x the Life or More

Larger and Better Seals

More Steel for Longer

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Maximum Life Undercarriages

John Deere's Maximum Life Undercarriage is a strong ally in the battle to keep uptime up and operating costs down.

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