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SC-2 (TM) Undercarriage

Turn Profits, Not Bushings
We don't have to tell you the expense of keeping your undercarriage rolling. Not when some 50% of your maintenance expense ends up beneath your dozers. Until now, that is. John Deere announces a metallurgical breakthrough that will make dozer bushings last twice as long.

A Breakthrough in Uptime

In 1997, John Deere metallurgist Dr. Gopal Revankar achieved a breakthrough in wear-parts protection. Through advances in heat treatment, alloy powders, atmospherics, and robotics, Dr. Revankar perfected the slurry-coat process. Finally, a new technique that creates a tough shell around a wear part that won't break or crack under duress.

A heavy alloy-metal powder and several organic additives product the water-based slurry.  The slurry suspends the powder during the application process and produces a coating that's uniform in thickness and consistency.Seven years of testing have proven that SC-2-coated parts deliver approximately twice the wear. That's why downtime and owning and operating costs will be reduced with SC-2-coated bushings in your undercarriage.

With SC-2-coated bushings, downtime will go down because you'll get twice the life out of a bushings before needing to turn it. In some areas, a costly bushing turn may be eliminated.

SC-2 Toughs it Out

Intensive laboratory tests prove conclusively that the SC-2 coating is 25% harder than chrome plating.  
  • First, SC-2-coated steel aced a sand-abrasion test, holding up 4 times better than parts not protected by SC-2.
  • Next, a SC-2 coated bushing shrugged off a brutal impact test, where researchers dropped a 220 lb. (100 kg) weight on it 500 times from a height of 30 inches.
  • Finally, a SC-2-coated bushing was fractured in a hydraulic press to see if the coating would stay fused to the steel. The coating passed with flying colors.

And that's just the laboratory tests. SC-2 has also been tested where it really counts — in the field.

How to Double the Life of a Bushing

SC-2 BushingsSC-2 coatings are sprayed onto the bushing through the use of robotics. The coatings are then fused to the bushings by heating them in a hydrogen furnace.

SC-2: It has Toughness Down to a Science

A bushing with twice the wear life? Let's see a competing "will-fit" bushing do that. Order SC-2 coated bushings for your Deere or other brand crawler. Ask your dealers for the hard facts on SC-2 extended-life undercarriage parts and find out how you can come down hard on your operating costs.
For John Deere and Other Dozers, Installation is Easy

When it's time to turn or replace bushings for your John Deere or non-Deere dozer, opt for the bushing that gives you twice the life. SC-2-coated bushings are available right now for all John Deere J-Series Dozers. No special tools are needed. See your dealer for complete details.


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