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Worker mows golf course

Bedknife Information & Part Numbers

Bed Knives

Factory specifications require the right amount of chromium and carbon to make our bedknives strong and long wearing. Search part numbers on JDParts.com or contact your local distributor for ordering options.


Order From JD Parts

ModelPart NumberDescription

Walk-Behind Greensmower
(22" QA5)

ET1753322" Standard
ET1753422" Tournament
ET1753222" Fairway, Low-Cut
ET1776722" Fairway, Hi-Cut
MT735122" Low-Cut
ET110663.0 mm w/ Hardened Insert
Walk-Behind Greensmower
(18" QA5)
MT48462.5mm Tournament
MT735018" Low-Cut
TCU2529918" Fairway
TCU3142218" Fairway Hi-Cut
Walk-Behind Greensmower
MT694726" Standard
MT694626" Fairway
22" QA7 (MY2012)ET1775122" Standard
MT192822" Tournament/Low-Cut Fairway
MT398322" Tournament/ Ultra Low-Cut
TCU3258122" Less Aggressive Hardened Insert
26" QA7 (MY2012)ET1775226" Standard
MT694926" Tournament
TCU3407026” Less Aggressive Hardened Insert
All 30" QA7MT197330" Standard
3325/3365MT111710 mm
MT111813 mm
ET1675510 mm
ET1675613 mm
Hydraulic Gang Mower
ET1675510 mm
ET1675613 mm