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Generator Drive Engines

Get Unstoppable Power with John Deere Generator Drive Engines

When you can't afford the power to be off — you can rely on John Deere PowerTech™ generator drive engines for standby and prime power. John Deere makes sure everything, including your critical applications, stay on.

Our engines meet emissions regulations while delivering quick-starting, clean-running, and fuel-efficient performance. Plus, our renowned power density allows manufacturers to assemble compact and lightweight generator set packages. We work closely with the leading generator manufacturers around the world to deliver uninterrupted power that protects your bottom line.

Prime Power

When a generator is your main power source, it needs to be reliable, quiet, and efficient. Prime power generator sets powered by John Deere engines deliver it all. Our generator drive engines quietly do their job generating electrical power, and can go 500 hours or more without routine service.

Our lineup of engines for prime power generator applications is ready to meet emissions requirements around the world.

Standby Power

When the lights go out in an emergency, John Deere standby power is there to take charge. Our generator drive engines are fast-starting and reliable. Their compact size, multiple fan heights, and varied speed ratios make them easy to install.

We offer a wide power range of generator drive engines for the standby market that comply with all nonroad emissions regulations around the world. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows emergency standby applications to utilize current Tier 3 products which do not require aftertreatment, while the European Union (EU) does not regulate such applications. The John Deere generator set engine lineup includes engines that are certified and non-certified to meet your global needs.

Emergency stationary provision. The New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) provision established by the EPA requires that Tier 3 engines for standby power be limited to emergency use, and required maintenance and testing. Under the emergency stationary provision, the use of emergency engines for the purpose of maintenance and testing is limited to 100 hours per year. Owners/operators must record the use of the engine during all operations, including hours operated during emergencies and non-emergencies. Learn more about how emissions regulations affect emergency stationary applications on page 13 of our Industrial PowerSource Vol. 4, 2010.

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Introducing the new 13.6L engine and inline aftertreatment

This engine was built with a clean-sheet approach, but it’s not afraid to get dirty. The new John Deere 13.6L engine features next generation engine technology, paired with our durable inline aftertreatment to simplify integration, and doesn’t forget its roots working in rugged off-highway applications.

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    Register your OEM engine online and save money

    Register Online and Save!

    Register your new OEM engine online and receive $50 off genuine John Deere oil and filters.† See your John Deere service location or click below for complete details.

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      We offer a full line of generator drive engines to power your prime power or standby application.

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