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Emissions FAQs

What is my engine's year of manufacture?

You can now find the build date of your engine under Engine Information Search in our Services & Support section. If this does not work, you may fill out the Contact Us form, complete with your engine serial number and we can provide the year of manufacture for you.

Where do I find engine emissions certificates?

You may find emissions certificates under the Services & Support section of our web site or the Engine Information Search section. You will need a valid user ID and password to access this site. To request a user ID click here.

What is my engine's horsepower rating?

Please fill out the Contact Us form, and we will provide your engine's horsepower rating.

Where do I find certificates for my non-certified engine?

We do not have emissions certificates for non-certified engines. However, we do have engine power ratings and emissions data for OEM engines. To view this information click here.