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JDLink - Process for Migrating Terminals/Users from Closing Dealership to New Dealership

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Published 01/14/2013 12:51 PM   |    Updated 11/20/2015 11:55 AM

JDLink – TCSM or TM is requesting Terminal & User transfer from a closing dealership to a new dealership due to merger or acquisition.


Dealership location has changed management, combined with another location, or is closing. All JDLink and Operations Center info needs to be transferred over to the new owning dealership "leader" organization.
The steps below outline the process the TCSM will follow while working with the JDLink Support team to transfer the JDLink and Operations Center information to the new organization.

Responsibilities/Expectations in this process:

   TM or TCSM — Gather all old and new dealership account numbers. Explain to the dealer that this process may take 3-5 days once the BIRD flies. Also, explain the below dealer expectations.

   TM or TCSM — Determine the appropriate Dealer employee who has Customer Support Role. The dealer user will be visible to the customers during the new partnership and permission assignment. (Step 8 in the process)

   JDLink Support Team — Process the actual account changes. Prior to changes, provide TCSM with lists of owned and 3rd part terminals of closing or moving dealer account(s), as well as the Partnership permissions report from the Operations Center for the same account(s). (Also move terminals, re-create certain account settings, and manage user access.)


 DealerRecord (in old account) and re-create all information (in new account) for the Alert Escalation, Geofence & Curfew, and Company Preferences tabs. Contact customers to allow GSC to grant 3rd party machine access to new dealer organization.




   1. TCSM will use www.Deere.com/websupport web form to requesting Terminal/User transfer from a closing dealership account, to a new or different dealership account. TCSM provides old dealer account ID numbers (leaders and members). TCSM will also explain the nature of the account change (merging, splitting, closing, etc.)

   2. JDLink Support technician will create DTAC case and escalate to PCDSC where a Team Lead will then work the Dealer Merger to completion.

   3. JDLink Support technician will provide the TCSM with the following information from the closing accounts:
– List of all "Owned" terminals.

– List of all "3rd Party" terminals.

– List of complete and incomplete partnerships in the Operations Center.

(Report to include partners and what permissions are currently assigned or requested for documentation)

   4. JDLink Support tech then waits for approval to transfer "Owned Terminals" from closing dealership "leader" account to new dealership "leader" account. Also needs approval from the dealership to re-assign all 3rd party machines to a new dealer access group within the customer's organization.

   5. After they receive approval from the TCSM, the JDLink Support tech needs to document all User & Groups, and Equipment Groups information from the old dealership account for future recreation use.

   - The JDLink technician will explain to the TCSM that the JDLink Support team will only be copying and re-creating User and Equipment groups info over to the new Dealer Organization.
The dealer is responsible for the recording the Alert Escalation, Geofence & Curfew, and Company Preference tab info to copy over to the new Organization.
Please give them time to do this and verify it is done before proceeding.

   6. After approval has been granted by the TCSM and the dealer has recorded the necessary information, the TCSM must provide the JDLink technician the new Dealer Account Numbers.

***Once the Dealer Account ID Numbers change, the dealer users will be automatically removed from the old Organization and will lose access to the JDLink and Operations Center information until the following steps are completed. ***

The JDLink Support tech needs to verify the new dealership account ID has a JDLink organization.

   7. The JDLink Support technician then will either escalate a case to create a new JDLink organization, or proceed to next step.

   8. Once the new Dealer Organization is created and the dealer has verified access by accepting the EULA. (Dealership DPA)

   9. JDLink Support technician will utilize a Merger and Acquisition tool to move to merge the two dealer organizations together. Technician to utilize the dealer with Customer Support Role define earlier in the process. (Please reference "GSC M&A Too Process" document")
– M&A tool performs the merger and send any permissions request emails to the admins of each partner org.

– Any established partnerships in the source (from) org will be transferred to the target (to) org and any given and/or requested permissions will be requested by the target org.

– For any files that were shared to the old org, that share will be revoked.

– For any files owned by the source org will be moved to the target org.

   10. The JDLink Support tech (or the RRT escalation group) will transfer all "Owned Terminals" from old account to new JDLink account, and also re-assign all of the 3rd party machines to the new dealer ID numbers so they will show up in the new JDLink account.

   11. The JDLink Support tech will then contact TCSM stating that all users and "Owned" terminals have been moved to the new Dealer Organization, and all "3rd party" terminals have been assigned to the new Dealer Organization.
The JDLink tech will then re-create the Equipment Groups and User Groups as they were in the old JDLink account(s).
The dealer will then need to re-create all settings in the Alert Escalation, Geofence & Curfew, and Company Preferences tabs in the new Dealer Organization as they were in the old Dealer Organization to allow alerts to once again be sent.

   12. After completing this process, the JDLink tech will then ensure no one will be able to access the old Dealer Organization anymore.

   13. GSC tech to use the Organization delete support tool to remove the old dealer org from the system.

ANY issues regarding this process can be directed to Josh Conner - JDLink Support Supervisor.

File Attachments:

     GSC M&A Tool Process.doc

     TCSM JDLink Dealer Account Split Process.doc

     TCSM JDLink Merger and Aquisitions Process.doc