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StarFire Gen2/ITC/3000 - StarFire Frequency Migration

Published 09/17/2015 10:44 AM   |    Updated 07/12/2016 03:46 PM

Starfire Gen2/ITC/3000 - StarFire Receiver cannot operate in SF1/SF2 mode and cannot get differential corrections. Receiver goes to 3D WAAS or EGNOS and will not navigate.


Under no control of John Deere Company, Inmarsat (provides satellite bandwidth to broadcast StarFire differential corrections) are migrating frequencies on all 7 Inmarsat satellites. This frequency change by Immarsat will effect John Deere and our competitors.


For SF3000 Receivers-

Preferred Option 1 - Automatic Over the Air Updates (SF3000 option only)
  14–2 bundle software for the SF3000 (2.00R) is required for this option. Receiver needs to be outside with clear view of the sky receiving StarFire signal for a minimum of one hour between November 1st, 2014 and July 15th, 2015. Please ensure the “default” checkbox is checked under the StarFire 3000 Main Page “Setup” tab.

In order for the Over the Air changes to take effect 1 of 2 things need to happen:
   1. Cold boot the receiver (physically disconnect receiver harness or set hours on after shutdown to 0 and turn ignition key off for a minimum of 1 minute)


   2. If StarFire has been tracking for at least one hour and then loses corrections for at least 5 minutes, it will internally update to the latest list of frequencies automatically.

*Bottom Line: If you are tracking StarFire for at least 1 hour and your receiver is cold booted at some point after that, no further action will be required.

Option 2 - Manually Enter Frequency Through the Display (backup option only)

Option 3 - Update software to the 15-1 software bundle release 2.10P.


For iTC Receivers-

Option 1 – Update the Receiver to the “Frequency Change” DTAC Software Release
   3.73H (3.73G contained the first 4 frequencies, 3.73H contains all 7 frequencies)
   *If already updated to 3.73G, this update is not required to continue operation. However, it is recommended to update at some point and have all 7 new frequencies for redundancy.
   Version 3.73H is now available and will also be included in the 15-2 software bundle release (Fall 2015).
   89467: Reprogramming StarFire 3000 and iTC Receivers

Option 2 – Manually Enter New Frequency Through the Display

For Gen III Receivers-

1. Manually Enter New Frequency Through the Display (only option)
   Directions to manually change frequency:
     1. Go to Original Greenstar monitor/emulator >Setup>StarFire Receiver.
     2. Uncheck the Use Default Frequency box.
     3. Find the frequency shown on the display and locate this number in the Old Frequency column in the table below.
     4. Find the corresponding New Frequency and enter this frequency in the display.
     5. Return to receiver status page.
     6. Verify StarFire corrections are being received.

The SF1/SF2 signal will begin to build.

Additional Information-

Satelite New Frequency
Turn On Date
Old Frequency
Turn Off Date *
1545.9675June 12, 2015
1539.8725July 15, 2015
November 1, 2014
1539.8425December 15, 2014
15.5W1545.9875November 1, 2014
December 15, 2014
25E1545.8850June 12, 20151539.8625July 15, 2015
64E1545.9675November 1, 20141539.8725December 15, 2014
143.5E1545.9775June 12, 20151539.8925July 15, 2015
178E1545.9875November 1, 20141539.8625December 15, 2014