Small Grains Products & Technology

Combine with header harvesting wheat field

Your crops fill lunchboxes and fuel celebrations.

You grow the wheat that makes the bun and the mustard for the hot dog. The barley that makes your favorite brew and the canola that yields the oil that fries the cheese curds and fries for poutine. To grow those crops you need air seeding equipment and tractors that cover vast ground, sprayers that let you work faster and more precisely and combines that hit tight harvest windows.

C650 Air Cart with a P556 Air Hoe Drill in action in field

Air Seeding Equipment

When time's short and you have plenty of ground to cover, John Deere delivers with a complete line of seeding technologies — in the sizes you want — to seed for success. Maximize your crop potential across all soil types with our line of air drills. Seed smart, fill fast and finish early with our line of air carts. You'll also love our no-till air drills, high-precision openers, fertilizer attachments, box drills and precision ag technologies.

4WD 9 Series Tractor pulling air seeder in field

Four-Wheel Drive Tractors

John Deere 9 Series Tractors help you do more, offering more power, more ballasting options, and more precision than ever before. No matter the terrain or conditions, these tractors give you the strength and power you need to pull heavier, wider implements with ease.

Close up of See & Spray Select


Work faster and more precisely and ensure consistent application with John Deere Sprayers. Reduce over-application, crop burn and off-target drift by adding individual nozzle control to your sprayer with ExactApply™ nozzle control system. Hagie Sprayers provide up to 2,000-gallon capacity, great visibility and up to a 132-ft front-mounted hybrid boom. Spray more acres a day without feeling it in our comfortable cab.

X9 Combine with Draper harvesting Wheat field


John Deere X9 Combines deliver an average of 45% more harvesting capacity across all crops, with no sacrifice in grain quality — all while using 20% less fuel1. The X9 1100 can harvest up to 30 acres an hour in wheat. And the S Series Combines are some of the most reliable combines to get the job done, season after season.

More precision. More automation. More productivity.

Woman looking at cell phone in farm field.

Manage your farm data anytime, anywhere

With the John Deere Operations Center™ mobile app you can securely monitor, analyze, and share your data right from your phone. Get the app and unlock the full potential of your connected farm.

4WD Tractor pulling seeding equipment in field.

Automate the end row turning sequence

There's no need for manual steering or raising and lowering of the air seeder as the tractor does it all for you, saving you a lot of effort with AutoTrac™ Turn Automation.

Person in Combine Cab looking at G5 Displays

Faster set up, fewer operator mistakes and less stress

Create, modify, and send work plans to your equipment for a seamless in-cab experience with Work Planner. Create work plans in the Operations Center mobile app and wirelessly send them to equipment with JDLink™ and a Gen 4 or G5 display.

Close up image of cell phone in hand.

Stream machine, agronomic data to your Operations Center account

You'll be connected directly to a John Deere dealer who, with your permission, can provide remote diagnostics and proactive support with JDLink™. All with no subscriptions, no service fees, and no end or renewal dates.

1Internal comparison between X9 1100 and S790 Combines, results vary depending on field conditions.