Closeup of Broom Attachment on Compact Equipment


Angle Brooms

ModelSweeping Width (Straight)Sweeping Width (Fully Angled)Operating WeightNumber of Wafers

BA72C Angle Broom

1,830 mm (72 in.)

1,580 mm (62 in.)

410 kg (910 lb.)


BA84C Angle Broom

2,130 mm (84 in.)

1,850 mm (73 in.)

440 kg (960 lb.)


BA96C Angle Broom

2,440 mm (96 in.)

2,110 mm (83 in.)

460 kg (1,010 lb.)


Pick-Up Brooms

ModelSweeping WidthOperating WeightNumber of Wafers

BP72C Pick-Up Broom

1,830 mm (72 in.)

580 kg (1,275 lb.)


BP84C Pick-Up Broom

2,130 mm (84 in.)

640 kg (1,400 lb.)


BR60C Pick-Up Broom

1,520 mm (60 in.)

400 kg (880 lb.)


BR72C Pick-Up Broom

1,830 mm (72 in.)

440 kg (970 lb.)


BR84C Pick-Up Broom

2,130 mm (84 in.)

500 kg (1,090 lb.)


A John Deere 320G Skid Steer with BA84C Broom Attachment

About Our Brooms

All brooms feature 50/50 poly wire brush segments. Bristle replacement is neat and easy. Drive motor separates from the brush core without disconnecting any hydraulic hoses, virtually eliminating the possibility of hydraulic-fluid spillage.  Heavy-duty, high-torque drive motor is coupled to the brush core through a 25.4-mm (1 in.) splined shaft.

Close up of the quik-tatch system for hooking an attachment to a machine


With our universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch easy-attachment system, you can switch from one type of attachment to another in no time flat.

How to Buy

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