314G Skid Steer with bucket attachment in agriculture application


Multi-Purpose Buckets

ModelOverall WidthHeaped Bucket CapacityEmpty Weight

MP66B Multi-Purpose Bucket

1701 mm (67.0 in.)

0.5 m3 (15.8 cu. ft.)

281 kg (620 lb.)

MP72B Multi-Purpose Bucket

1854 mm (73.0 in.)

0.6 m3 (20.0 cu. ft.)

408 kg (900 lb.)

MP78B Multi-Purpose Bucket

2000 mm (78.8 in.)

0.6 m3 (21.7 cu. ft.)

424 kg (935 lb.)

MP84B Multi-Purpose Bucket

2153 mm (84.8 in.)

0.7 m3 (23.4 cu. ft.)

442 kg (975 lb.)

Rock Buckets


R66 Rock Bucket

1727 mm (68 in.)

272 kg (600 lb.)

R75 Rock Bucket

1900 mm (74.8 in.)

295 kg (650 lb.)

R84 Rock Bucket

2093 mm (82.4 in.)

340 kg (750 lb.)

Side Discharge Buckets


SA60 Side Discharge Bucket


0.50 cu. yd.

805 lb. (365 kg)

60 in. (1524 mm)

SA72 Side Discharge Bucket


0.67 cu. yd.

915 lb. (415 kg)

72 in. (1829 mm)

SD72 Side Discharge Bucket

Dust / Mulch

1.33 cu. yd.

1120 lb. (508 kg)

72 in. (1829 mm)

SD84 Side Discharge Bucket

Dust / Mulch

1.67 cu. yd.

1300 lb. (590 kg)

84 in. (2134 mm)

Rollout Buckets

ModelWidthWeightHeaped Capacity

RB72 Rollout Bucket

1850 mm (73 in.)

532 kg (1,170 lb.)

0.91 m3 (1.19 cu. yd.)

RB84 Rollout Bucket

2150 mm (84.75 in.)

580 kg (1,275 lb.)

1.10 m3 (1.44 cu.yd.)

RB96 Rollout Bucket

2480 mm (97.5 in.)

618 kg (1,360 lb.)

1.28 m3 (1.68 cu. yd.)

Additional Bucket Types

Construction Buckets

Construction buckets offer a low back plate for better operator visibility to the cutting edge and a rounded interior for improved fill-and-dump performance.

Utility Buckets

Utility buckets are perfect for light, high-volume materials. Bolt-on cutting edge holes are pre-drilled.

Foundry Buckets

Foundry buckets provide maximum breakout force for tough digging conditions. Bolt-on toothbar holes are pre-drilled.

Tooth Buckets & Toothbars

Use tooth buckets to loosen compacted soil or grub out rocks. Use a toothbar kit to make any standard or multi-purpose bucket into a bucket with teeth.

326E Skid Steer with multi-purpose bucket attachment at a commercial building jobsite.

About Our Multi-Purpose Buckets

Multi-purpose buckets are capable of bulldozing, scraping, loading, metering, and clamping material.

320E Skid Steer with Rock Bucket attachment scooping up rocks and dirt on a jobsite

About Our Rock Buckets

Rock buckets are ideal for sifting and sorting material, clearing stone from farm fields, and removing debris from jobsites. Buckets retain rock and debris while digging.

318E Skid Steer with side discharge bucket, discharging feed along livestock pens

About Our Side Discharge Buckets

Side-discharge buckets are ideal for close-quarters material distribution.

Rollout bucket in action

About Our Rollout Buckets

Available in a range of three sizes, rollout buckets are ideal for achieving elevated dump heights in lightweight, high-capacity applications.

Close up of the quik-tatch system for hooking an attachment to a machine


With our universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch easy-attachment system, you can switch from one type of attachment to another in no time flat.

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