Cutter, Shredder and Mulcher Attachments for John Deere

Cutters, Shredders & Mulchers for Construction Equipment

Rotary Cutters

John Deere rotary cutter attachments for skid steers and compact track loaders excel at clearing medium to heavy brush and hardwoods up to 254 mm (10 in.) in diameter. Direct-drive bearing delivers higher efficiency and extended durability. These rotary cutters are optimized to work with John Deere skid steers and compact track loaders. They're also compatible with many competitive models.

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ModelCutting WidthOverall LengthWeightCutting Capacity

RC60B Rotary Cutter

1524 mm (60 in.)

1930 mm (76 in.)

508 kg (1,120 lb.)

102 mm (4 in.)

RC72B Rotary Cutter

1829 mm (72 in.)

2235 mm (88 in.)

581 kg (1,280 lb.)

102 mm (4 in.)

RC78B Rotary Cutter

1981 mm (78 in.)

2388 mm (94 in.)

617 kg (1,360 lb.)

102 mm (4 in.)

RS72 Extreme Duty Rotary Cutter

1830 mm (72 in.)

2175 mm (85.6 in.)

910 kg (2,010 lb.)

254 mm (10 in.)

RX72 Rotary Cutter

1830 mm (72 in.)

2175 mm (85.6 in.)

810 kg (1,780 lb.)

254 mm (10 in.)

RX84 Rotary Cutter

2135 mm (84 in.)

2475 mm (97.5 in.)

1025 kg (2,260 lb.)

254 mm (10 in.)

Rotary Brush Cutters

John Deere RE40 and RE50 Rotary Brush Cutters for compact excavators are designed to bring more versatility and allow additional applications like vegetation management. With these cutters and the reach provided by an excavator, difficult-to-access areas are easier to maintain. These rotary brush cutters are optimized to work with John Deere compact excavators. They're also compatible with many competitive models.

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ModelCutting WidthOverall LengthWeightCutting Capacity

RE40 Rotary Brush Cutter

1020 mm (40 in.)

1190 mm (47 in.)

300 kg (660 lb.)

102 mm (4 in.)

RE50 Rotary Brush Cutter

1270 mm (50 in.)

1450 mm (57 in.)

480 kg (1,050 lb.)

127 mm (5 in.)

Stump Shredders

Remove stumps from 203 to 711 mm (8 to 28 in.) in diameter in a single pass and easily remove larger stumps with multiple bores with your skid steer or compact track loader. Low-speed, high-torque auger planetary drive shreds material more safely and without the dangerous flying debris of conventional stump grinders. Site cleanup is easy thanks to the small, contained chip pile.

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SS30 High-Torque Stump Shredder

1,160 mm (46 in.)

1,670 mm (66 in.)

590 kg (1,300 lb.)

76–170 L/min. (20–45 gpm)

Mulching Heads

The MH60D Mulching Head for skid steers and compact track loaders features a redesigned mulching chamber and efficiently shreds underbrush and woody materials into beneficial mulch in minutes. Internal counter-combs help shatter incoming material, creating finer mulch. Rotor is balance for smooth operation, and oversized sealed rotor bearings deliver long-term durability.

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ModelCutting WidthOverall WidthWeightFlow

MH60D Mulching Head

1520 mm (60 in.)

1880 mm (74 in.)

1240 kg (2,730 lb.)


Introducing the new John Deere ME36 and ME50 Mulchers for compact and mid-size excavators. These new additions to the John Deere Attachments family will offer you means to step into the growing vegetation management segment through higher productivity, increased uptime, and lower daily operating costs.

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ModelCutting WidthOverall WidthWeightFlow

ME36 Mulching Head

910 mm (36 in.)

1130 mm (44 in.)

390 kg (850 lb.)


ME50 Mulching Head

1270 mm (50 in.)

1470 mm (58 in.)

480 kg (1,050 lb.)


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