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Get to know Gator™ Utility Vehicle owners better. See what gets them up in the morning and find out what they live for. And get to know us too.

The Father and Son

Meet Chum and Chad Howe of Ross Peak Ranch. This father son team have figured out over the last thirty years how to get things done right.


The Reining Horse Champion

Come to Aubrey, Texas and visit with Tom and Mandy McCutcheon of Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses, Inc. Find out what it takes to win. Again. Again. And again.


The Breeding Manager

Get to know equine breeding manager, Rita Hunsucker, and assistant breeding manager, Sarah Johnson, of the Wagonhound Land and Livestock Company in Douglas, Wyoming. It's where care and quality come to life.


The Husband and Wife Team

Adam and Sarah Wilson know how to reduce risk and bring family together to get things done in Virginia. Bet on love and hard work going a long way.


The Dairy Farmer

The Woodland Creek Dairy in Waunakee, Wisconsin is at the heart of why in-laws Bill Endres and Joe Ziegler get up in the morning. That and some real quality and care.


The Rancher

It’s all play with fifth generation Montanan Matt Pierson of the Highland Cattle Company and best friend, Mack Dettman. These two life long friends have each other’s back no matter what. Excellence follows.


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