GreenFleet™ Loyalty Rewards Military Discount

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Military Discount

Because of your commitment, John Deere would like to extend a free Platinum 1 membership to anyone that is serving or has served our country. If you’re already a GreenFleet member, we’ll simply add the 2 credits to your existing membership. Be sure to check out the rest of the program because Platinum benefits give you so much more than just equipment discounts.

Military discount details

Who Is Eligible

Canadian Forces Members, Families of Serving Members, Veterans, Canadian Forces and Families of Veterans. To know if you qualify or fall within one of these groups, verify your CF One Card. Those with the codes, CF, CF-F, V & V - F qualify for this discount.

How Do I Join?

You can verify your eligibility and complete your membership enrollment by providing us with your CFOne card number. If you already your CFOne card, proceed to the GreenFleet signup form If you need to apply for your card, you can do so by following the steps below:

  • Visit the CFOne website and submit an application to obtain your CFOne card verifying your status.
  • Note: Your card must include one of the following codes: CF, CF-F, V or V-F to be eligible for GreenFleet membership.
  • Upload a picture of your CFOne card  in our signup form and you will receive your welcome kit within 6-8 weeks.  Should you wish to purchase equipment before you receive your welcome kit - please contact us at for your GreenFleet account number.
  • Once you've received your CFOne card, complete the signup form.


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  • 2 year membership
  • Valuable Equipment Discounts
  • Monthly GreenFleet emails
  • 12 exclusive offers per year via email
  • 10% Off Workshop Products
  • Special Low Rate Financing
  • Free Homestead Magazine Subscription
  • Buy Equipment Online

Platinum Benefits

Platinum members receive the best of GreenFleet. Enjoy a monthly GreenFleet email that contains valuable coupons, in addition to a monthly Exclusive Offer. Exclusive offers are unique to Platinum members, and past offers have been incredible: free extended warranties, free Parts OnSite cabinets, and free Gator Winch Kits – to name a few. Become a Platinum member by one of two ways: 1.) Purchase 2 or more units within 12 months OR 2.) Be member of an approved affiliation, association, event, or invitation. Then, you can unlock the best of GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards for two full years and enjoy these benefits:

GreenFleet™ Military Discount FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have specific questions about the GreenFleet Military Discount? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.