GreenFleet™ Loyalty Rewards Military Discount FAQs

GreenFleet™ Military Discount

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GreenFleet?

GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards is a program designed to give you valuable equipment discounts, along with special financing options, workshop products discounts, and other exclusive members-only benefits*. The more you purchase, the greater your savings become.

To see all of the benefits, visit the official GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards website.

How Does It Benefit Me?

Normally, a customer must purchase two pieces of qualifying equipment within a 12-month period to become a member of GreenFleet. As a military service member, you may automatically qualify by signing up through our membership form. Once your membership is verified, you're entitled to savings on your first qualifying equipment purchase.

Who Is Eligible To Sign Up?

Canadian Forces Members, Families of Serving Members, Veterans, Canadian Forces and Families of Veterans. To know if you qualify or fall within one of these groups, verify your CF One Card. Those with the codes, CF, CF-F, V & V - F qualify for this discount. Once you have your documentation ready, visit our signup form.

Can I Sign Up At My Local John Deere Dealership?

No, at this time you need to receive qualification via our online signup form before going to your authorized John Deere Dealer to receive GreenFleet benefits.

Who do I contact if I am still having issues?

If you still have questions or are facing problems with the sign up form, contact us at for further assistance.

Rewarding You For Your Service

You signed up to serve your country. Now sign up to get the rewards you deserve.