It’s when all your hard work for the year comes together. Harvest season. It’s the time of year — if the weather cooperates — that you need to make the most of every moment. And it’s the time of year where you have to make a lot of decisions — and they’re all important.

Harvesting Data

The machine and agronomic data your equipment generates can increase yields and decrease operating costs; this pre-recorded webinar featuring John Fulton from Ohio State shows you how. (16-04)

Combine at work in the field

Save up to 30% on inputs with automated guidance and section control

Research at Auburn University showed a possible 30% in overall savings when using section control and guidance together. So investing in precision guidance is really a no-brainer.

Research at a major land grant university shows John Deere ExactEmerge outperforms the standard for spacing and emergence, even at planting speeds of 10mph.