Different jobs call for different solutions. With John Deere Performance Tiering, you’ll always find the right equipment. Each tier offers distinct levels of performance, comfort, innovation, and serviceability, at a price to match. What doesn’t change, regardless of your tier, is the signature John Deere quality and support you’ve come to rely on.

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and Reliable

These economical models are practical and reliable, with all of the proven capabilities and ruggedness John Deere is known for. G-tier equipment may be ideal for customers in need of a dependable machine to complete everyday light- to medium-duty tasks.
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Customers can produce exceptional results at high levels, day in and day out, from equipment in this tier. The advanced features of the P tier enhance performance, efficiency, and comfort so you can hit the heavy jobs harder.
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Equipment in the X tier features our most innovative technologies, enabling operators to achieve their highest levels of productivity with exceptional efficiency and comfort. When peak performance is a must, don’t settle for anything less than our advanced X tier.