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Certified Power Engines

Same engine, same output, same mowing performance

So, what has changed? The gas engines in John Deere commercial mowing equipment* are rated by the engine manufacturer under SAEJ1995 using a certified horsepower testing procedure. The testing method and results provide a verified horsepower number.


Why is the engine manufacturer now using a certified power rating?

John Deere is dedicated to providing quality products to customers, especially when our customers rely on equipment for their business. John Deere is requiring its engine suppliers to use the certified testing procedure. This ensures that the rating reflects the test results in accordance with SAE standards. John Deere is leading the way to ensure customers have consistent horsepower ratings.


Why is the horsepower number different than previous models?

Different rating methods can give different results for the same engine. This certification testing ensures horsepower ratings consistent with SAE standards. When comparing commercial mowing products, the same engine model tested to a different standard may have a different horsepower rating.


Current SAE Standards

To learn more about the organization behind these standards, visit SAE International online at Current standards for commercial mowing equipment include:

  • J1995 Engine Power Test Code - Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition – Gross Power Rating
  • J1349 Engine Power Test Code – Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition – As Installed Net Power Rating
  • J1940 Small Engine Power and Torque Rating Procedure
    Note: J1940 can use either J1995 Gross or J1349 Net test procedures.
  • J2723 Engine Power Test Code – Engine Power and Torque Certification
    Note: J2723 can use either J1995 Gross or J1349 Net test procedures.