Motor Grader Quick Specs

G-Series Motor Grader Quick Specs Infographic


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Quick Specs

Model Net Power Typical Operating Weight Blade Pull
620G/GP 215 hp 40,350 lb. 31,066 lb.
622G/GP 225 hp 42,060 lb. 45,000 lb.
670G/GP 235 hp 42,340 lb. 34,173 lb.
672G/GP 255 hp 44,040 lb. 49,500 lb
770G/GP 255 hp 42,760 lb. 34,173 lb.
772G/GP 275 hp 44,570 lb. 49,500 lb.
870G/GP 280 hp 44,760 lb. 34,173 lb.
872G/GP 300 hp 46,710 lb. 49,500 lb.

Take Control

Take control to fit your application and preference. 

  • Anter Rack
    • Traditional controls familiar to experienced operators
  • Fingertip 
    • Ergonomic controls arranged in the industry-standard pattern.
  • Dual Joysticks
    • Require less wrist motion than competitive joystick controls (when grading a cul-de-sac and articulating the motor grader).
  • Standard steering wheel on every G-Series Motor Grader.

Fingertip and dual joysticks are interchangeable. 

John Deere Ultimate Uptime

  • Five years standard:
    • JDLink Ultimate Telematics
    • Machine Health
    • Remote Diagnostics and Programming Capability
  • Pre-Delivery and Follow-Up Inspections
  • Your choice of packaged or à la carte Uptime Solutions

GP Models

Grade Professional Models:

  • Grade-Control Ready
  • Standard Cross Slope
  • Standard Return-to-Straight
  • 6-Wheel Drive
    • Choose a 6-Wheel Drive Model for enhanced productivity.
  • Cut down on labor maintenance with nylon or bronze draft frame and circle inserts.