January 08, 2015

Autoshift to an Easier Workflow

In the sun-soaked hills of San Diego, the K-Series Backhoes' Autoshift feature makes for effortless efficiency on any jobsite.

No jobsite is created equal. However, one thing that should remain constant regardless of location is equipment that makes your job easier.

Say hello to the John Deere K-Series Backhoes. The machines' smooth-shifting five-speed transmission with Autoshift option makes the long haul a joyride. And to find out how customers are benefiting from Autoshift in the field, we caught up with Sonny Hale of Sonny Hale Backhoe Service in San Diego, California.

Working hard on the west coast

Operating backhoes since the early '70s, Sonny Hale of Sonny Hale Backhoe Service has seen his fair share of machines, and one thing has remained consistent – his satisfaction with John Deere. And though the West Coast may be known for its laid-back attitude and relaxed way of life, Hale chooses Deere machines because they're the only ones that can match his work ethic. Raised in the Midwest, he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. From moving dirt to demolition, Hale can handle it all once he's climbed into the cab.

Running the Line

"Every day's different, but today we're digging lines for the electricians to lay telephone wires," says Hale. "The 410K is useful on any site because it has the power needed for this hard ground, and the Autoshift is especially convenient if I'm ever running some length. It helps me be more productive because I don't have to worry about flipping knobs. I can go into the pile and the backhoe will adjust to use a lower gear, I can take off to drop the load, and then cruise right back without having to touch anything. It's like an automatic car transmission, I can keep my hands on the wheel – it's just a lot easier and more user friendly."

Anything John Deere can do to make your job easier is considered a win in our books and that victory is especially sweet when it's one that helps you grow your business. "Productivity is the key to my business. The more productive the machine is, the faster I can get the job done – that makes my contractor money and it gets me callbacks. And the K-Series is full of features that make me more efficient. Extendable dipperstick, quick-coupler, and Autoshift are all features that, now that I've had them, I can never go back. As long as it's available, every machine I buy will have Autoshift."

Going the Distance with Deere

John Deere is dedicated to building lasting relationships with you through machine features that give you the edge on your competition and a dealer network that is committed to keeping you profitable. "My relationship with Deere and my dealer, RDO, goes back to the early '70s. They stand behind me should something go wrong, and actually bend over backward for us little guys because they understand I need to be running to make money. I'd recommend Deere to everybody," said Hale.