June 12, 2015


In it for the long haul, this development team is moving mountains with John Deere

Sibling investors Glenn and Terri Pauls, along with their partner, Eric Flora, have no trouble imaging an earthly paradise. But more importantly, they know how to make it a reality. As the principals of Twin Buttes, a residential and commercial development in Durango, Colorado, this trio is masterminding the creation of a modern-day Machu Picchu. Preserving Wildlife corridors and repurposing onsite resources including a farm-to-table restaurant, an East-meets-West medical facility, and elementary and high schools are just a few of the ways they're making use of the 150 development acres on the company's 925-acre plot. As Project Developer, Flora is enthusiastic about the project's direction.

Developing More than Land

Twin Buttes truly has quality living and sustainability at its core. The vast majority of the land has been preserved to facilitate Colorado's commitment to active lifestyles, and all the natural resources displaced are repurposed onsite.

"Not a single truckload leaves," Flora explains. "The topsoil produced from grading the roads goes right back on the lawns. Timber goes to our sawmill for use in barns and other structures. Boulders make up the retention walls and ponds, and the water collected there goes back into our irrigation system for the parks and gardens." And with more than 15 miles of bike trails showcasing million-dollar views, who would ever want to leave?


Beginning with the planning phase almost 10 years ago, Twin Buttes has been in the field for just more than a year, and work is expected to last another 10. With that kind of scale, the logistics of subcontracting were problematic. But where there's a will, there's a way. "Eric's had a 20-plus-year relationship with Telluride Gravel of Oldcastle, and we've been fortunate to joint-venture with them for the pipe work, "says Project Engineer John Simpson. "As for the rest, we basically started our own outfit."

From carving the roads to erecting the community center, Twin Buttes has a lot on its many plates, but there's no lack of confidence. "It's a unique project because of the scope and the challenging terrain, but it's well planned. Glenn Paul is an expert when it comes to construction equipment, and the choices he's made with these John Deere purchases have really set us up for success. They have great local dealer representation from Honnen Equipment with a solid track record of dependable equipment and an incomparable maintenance schedule that keeps our machines running at peak productivity.

"We have two haul trucks, a dozer, a couple loaders, a motor grader, and excavators ranging from a 50G to a 350G LC, so we have the range to take on and accomplish a lot in a day. And talking to the operators, you know its good equipment – they love the reliability, comfort, and maneuverability that Deere offers. Add in the fact that it's all IT4 or FT4 – more powerful and efficient than ever – and it's really the perfect fit. These purchases give us the firepower to tackle any project."

Fighting in their Corner

While Twin Buttes prides itself on creating a self-sufficient community, it's not shy to share credit with those who have helped along the way. "I'll tell ya what, Honnen and John Deere have been instrumental in getting the appropriate equipment delivered and maintained," remarks Flora. "The service and dependability of both are incredible, and the pride operators take in running good, strong, well-maintained machines provides the ability to accomplish things that otherwise wouldn't be possible." With such great vision and teamwork, it's hard not to imagine a brighter future.