November 17, 2015

John Deere WorkSight™ provides insight into your John Deere IT4 and FT4 equipment

Since 2012, John Deere WorkSight™ has been providing seamless, next-generation service linking your machines, your dealer and you to optimize machines, uptime, and jobsites. Now, the Ultimate Uptime customer support solution – included in base on nearly all John Deere construction machines – leverages the uptime optimization benefits of John Deere WorkSight along with additional dealer support solutions to maximize machine availability.

Ultimate Uptime includes:

  • JDLink™ Ultimate telematics, which alerts customers and dealers of machine hours, location, diagnostic trouble codes and also enables maintenance tracking, geofencing, and curfews.
  • A John Deere exclusive, machine health prognostics analyzes data from JDLink, fluid analysis, and machine inspections, and then e-mails the dealer and customer with recommended solutions to avoid costly downtime.
  • Also a John Deere exclusive, remote diagnostics and programming enables dealers to read and reset diagnostic trouble codes, record machine performance data, and even update software without a technician visit to the jobsite. When service visits are required, technicians can often arrive with the right parts in hand to make the repair.

So what does this mean for you and your fleet of new IT4 and FT4 equipment?

JDLink Ultimate enables you to keep tabs on the DEF tank level on Final Tier 4 machines equipped with SCR systems, view DPF soot levels and cleaning cycles, plus optimize productivity through engine load and idle time monitoring.

Machine health prognostics can also identify operator behaviors or system issues such as fluid contamination that can lead to more costly engine-related problems in the future.

With remote diagnostics and programming, your dealer can even update engine software without a trip to the jobsite. That's a real time- and money-saving advantage.

Customer feedback is paramount to the development of our innovative technologies and equipment, and JDLink telematics that are the foundation for John Deere WorkSight have allowed us to further confirm in-house tests, with feedback from your physical work site. For example, we are confident that many of our Tier 4 engines over 175 hp will not require DPF ash cleaning until engine overhaul. This confidence is based not only on our own in-house testing, but from the feedback we have garnered from thousands of pieces of equipment in the field. With JDLink technology, your equipment can tell us how it's performing without even saying a word!