August 12, 2016

The I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project

Right in the heart of Central Florida, rich with humidity and friendly locals, thrives the lively city of Orlando. Cutting through its core is Interstate 4 – the city's main artery for its heavy flow of north-south traffic. Convention-goers, residents, and tourists alike have relied on it as a fundamental thoroughfare for decades, but with ever-rising traffic levels, its flow often falls stagnant, rendering travel burdensome at best.

Enter the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project – a six-year endeavor aimed at connecting communities, improving economies, and enhancing livability in Central Florida. The 21-mile stretch of updates includes four new express lanes; 13 widened, 74 replaced, and 53 new bridges; 15 reconstructed interchanges; and an aesthetically pleasing design throughout. And at $2.3 billion, this project is one of the largest public/private partnerships currently held in the country.

Big Project, Bigger Team
Tackling this behemoth is the design-build joint venture of Skanska, Granite, and Lane, known as SGL Constructors. Phil Picone, Equipment Manager for SGL, comments on the equipment-bidding process for the project: "We sent out requests for proposal to qualified vendors, and Deere and Nortrax met our requirements in multiple equipment categories."

A major selling point was a Nortrax Onsite resource. Being such an extensive project, it was clear that SGL would benefit from constant support in the form of parts supplies, inspections, and routine maintenance. Making it happen for SGL is Nortrax's Project Manager Jason Ashford. His responsibilities include daily machine inspections, tracking the utilization hours of conditioned machines, monitoring preventative maintenance, performing undercarriage inspections, and coordinating with SGL's onsite supervisors. And it's no modest-sized fleet.

Making it Happen
You know a project is a big deal with its featured on billboards and on the local news every night. This high level of visibility to the public comes with matching expectation, and Ashford takes this to heart. "This is one of the largest Department of Transportation projects in the country right now, so there's a lot of exposure – we have to perform. And also, I live here! I want the project to go smoothly. I take pride in the fact that I'm helping improve the area where I live."