August 12, 2016

Increase Land-Clearing Productivity

Looking to expand or update your land clearing ability? A 333G Compact Track Loader equipped with a MH60C mulching head can be the right tool for many applications. A machine equipped with a MH60C can:

  • Process larger, harder, or stringy material that often poses a challenge for rotary mowers and bush hogs.
  • Help you avoid chainsaws and hand crews along with the risk and costs associated with this form of land clearing.
  • Reduce or eliminate material hauling and disposal fees.
  • The MH60C is forgiving of rock and larger material that can stop rotary mowers or bush hogs.
  • Reduce material to coarse or fine-sized mulch and then incorporate into soil surface if desired.

The MH60C incorporates carbide tools for greater impact strength and long life. As an alternative, a field-installed knife tool option is also available.

Proper daily maintenance and operator/machine protection is also required to get the most out of the MH60C. When operating in harsh conditions, you may want to keep the following in mind along with your daily maintenance schedule:

  • Keep tractor clear of brush and debris.
  • Keep air intakes and coolers clear. A gas blower is a great tool for this.
  • Keep tool fasteners tight.
  • Replace teeth/knives when face of tool holder (behind the tool) is exposed to material.
  • Keep tools on hand to change teeth.
  • And, of course, read the operators manual.