June 03, 2016

Rental on the Rise

When renters see the John Deere logo on the side of a machine, they know it will be easy to run, ultra-reliable, and highly productive. "John Deere has been around for so many years," says Brian Grant, president, Grant's Rental, Bridgewater, Massachusetts. "People recognize the name and know that the brand represents quality. That gets their attention and gets them in the door."

"Uptime is paramount in the rental business. If equipment is down, you get a bad reputation. Deere machines are exceptionally reliable, plus they're easy to maintain and service, so they're always up and running. That's why customers keep coming back for them. We can't keep them in the store."

The Right Fit for Every Foreman
Grant's Rental's John Deere 319E Compact Track Loader (CTL) is extremely popular with small contractors, landscapers, and homeowners. "Deere machines are easy to operate and user friendly. We spend an hour training our customers on how to run the equipment, and they're able to pick it up really quickly."

The 319E is equipped with 320-mm-wide tracks that provide more stability with decreased ground pressure. "Parts of the South Shore get very wet in the spring. This allows us to earn income on rentals during the wet season, which we wouldn't be able to do on a rubber-tire skid steer. And the machine is versatile. In addition to forks and buckets, we offer a variety of other attachments, including a landscape rake, a grapple, an auger, and a Harley rake."

The company also rents two John Deere compact excavators: a 35G and a 17D. The 35G is popular for larger trench and foundation work. "Some of our contractor customers do patios and walkways, and use the thumb attachment to move large boulders, granite pieces, and curbs. The machine is powerful, yet very smooth. And with reduced tail swing, the machines can rotate in tight areas without running into anything."

The 17D is popular with electrical contractors who use it to trench for electrical lines. "It has a variable-width undercarriage that can be retracted to navigate through narrow openings. And its small footprint makes it great for working in close quarters. It has some weight and surprising power to it, too, so it can pick up large rocks, and it can dig to a really impressive depth [2.17 m (7 f. 1 in.)] for its size."

Taking Support to the Next Level
Grant's Rental had competitor machines in its feet for many years before switching to Deere. "Our local John Deere dealer approached us and offered us a great value in terms of price and service. And John Deere Financial offered us low rates and flexible terms — Deere is a great all-around partner."

Service from the local dealer has been excellent. "They're very responsive. They've come out to the store to fix things and helped us with warranty. They've even gone out to a customer site when necessary to resolve issues. The problems have been minimal, but that's important for us to keep up and running."

Parts support has been excellent. "That's huge in the rental business. I don't have a large, deep fleet, so when I need parts, I need them right away. I'm able to drive to a dealer location and get parts within 15 minutes if they are in stock. If not, our dealer can get them usually within 24 hours."

"John Deere and our local dealer have really stepped it up. They've offered an incredible level of sales and service support that I've really never experienced with other manufacturers. I'm very glad I switched."