March 10, 2016

Experience the Benefits of a Long-Distance Relationship

Remote diagnostics enhance the value of telematics.

If you’re using a telematics system on your equipment, you’ve probably witnessed firsthand the efficiency gains that come from being able to monitor several machines from one place, regardless of how spread out or far away they may be. Now imagine the added time and cost savings that can be achieved when your dealer is also connected to your equipment.

Advanced telematics systems have the ability to alert dealers to potential problems in real time and allow them to respond to many issues without a trip to the jobsite. With an active JDLink™ subscription, the dealer has the capability to upgrade software, analyze diagnostic codes, and record performance data on the machine. The time and dollars required for that initial machine diagnosis are significantly reduced.

Here's how it works: Let's say a machine reports a "transmission overheat alert" via text or email from the JDLink system. The customer of dealer accesses the JDLink website and discovers that transmission retarder usage is equivalent to just one percent of operating time. If alerted, the dealer can use Service ADVISOR Remote to remotely read the diagnostic trouble codes on the machine. Although this test may show everything is running fine, the dealer can make the recommendation of operator training to ensure proper transmission retarder usage in the future. By connecting remotely, the dealer is able to detect when a machine is being operated improperly and provide a solution before a catastrophic machine failure occurs.

In another scenario, the machine reports a "high engine oil soot load" alert. Although the initial assumption might be that this is caused by excessive idling, a dealer may be able to use Remote Diagnostics and Programming to perform an engine-misfire test and discover two cylinders are not firing normally. The dealer is then able to perform a remote software upgrade to fix the problem. The time and cost for a trip to the field is eliminated.

Remote Diagnostics and Programming requires an active JDLink subscription. The full functionality of the system is only available on Interim Tier 4 machines; remote software upgrades are not available on Tier 3 machines. For more on this leading-edge technology, ask your dealer about remote diagnostics.