John Deere 750L with SmartGrade on dirt mound

Find The Mid-Size Dozer That Works For You


Power Surge. Get charged up about productivity. Whether you’re into site development or roadbuilding, the 700L and 750L deliver the performance, reliability, and ease of operation you need.

Exceptional style, visibility, and comfort. Easy on the eyes – and the operator. The 850L features eye-catching automotive styling, the cab is even more spacious, quiet, and comfortable than previous models. Exceptional visibility, extra storage, and an improved HVAC system help take the sting out of a long day.

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A studio image of the 700L on a white background.


  • Net Power: 101 kW (135 hp) at 1,800 rpm 
  • Operating Weight: 14 016–14 555 kg (30,900–32,088 lb.)
  • Track on Ground:  2615 mm (103 in.)
750L Dozer on a white background.


  • Net Power: 131 kW (175 hp) at 1,700 rpm 
  • Operating Weight: 17 041-18 162 kg (37,569-40,040 lb.)
  • Track on Ground:  2604-3093 mm (103-122 in.)
850L Dozer with a white background


  • Net Power: 168 kW (225 hp) at 1,700 rpm
  • Operating Weight: 21 581–23 299 kg (47,578–51,365 lb.)
  • Track on Ground: 3300 mm (130 in.)

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