Powering your farm equipment

Agriculture Power

Harlo Products forklift

A Forklift Facelift

Harlo Products met Final Tier 4 emissions regulations without requiring DEF by redesigning their forklifts with a lower-horsepower engine. See how they did it without compromising speed or lifting power.

Nurturing the field for the best yield

Nurturing the field for the best yield

Agrometer's revolutionary SDS 8000 umbilical slurry spreader allows farmers to spread earlier, maximizing crop yield.

Which brands are available in our area and which are most reliable? We always keep coming back to John Deere.

Tom Schultz
Sun Pacific
Sun Pacific irrigation pumps

Kiwi King

Cuties® brand clementine oranges have helped 30,000-acre Sun Pacific become one of the greatest agricultural success stories in recent years. Now they're looking to build on their success with new Mighties® brand kiwis.

PowerTech E 6068

Industrial Engines

As a leader in the ag industry for more than 175 years, John Deere knows the power you need to conquer harsh conditions in the field.

  • Power that responds to your every demand
  • Off-road technology built specifically for tough field conditions
  • Low fluid consumption for reduced costs
PowerTech Plus 6090

Generator Drive Engines

When you can’t afford to have the power turn off, John Deere generator drive engines make sure your critical applications keep running.

Funk Drivetrain Components

Drivetrain Components

John Deere is one of the only engine manufacturers that also makes drivetrain components. This total solution helps ensure smooth operation and easy maintenance.