470 P-Tier moving a bucket of dirt

Large Excavators


When the task demands a serious excavator to get things done, you need a big excavator. Our powerful large excavators range from 41.0-87.0 metric tons to get the work done with smooth, one-of-a-kind efficiency. They are perfect for digging out large building foundations, moving large amounts of material in a quarry or trenching and placing pipe.

Compare Large Excavator Models

ModelNet Rated PowerMax Digging DepthOperating Weight

274 kW (367 hp)

7.77-8.27 m (25 ft. 6 in.–27 ft. 2 in.)

51 218 kg (112,916 lb.)

345 kW (463 hp)

9.15 m (30 ft. 0 in.)

69 900 kg (154,103 lb.)

382 kW (512 hp)

7.14–11.16 m (23 ft. 5 in.–36 ft. 7 in.)

85 600 kg (188,716 lb.)

Excavator HH125 with a hammer attachment working at breaking up material.

Hydraulic Hammers for Excavators

John Deere excavator hammers are great for demolition or trenching for pipes, cables, or drainage. These hydraulic hammers are rugged, reliable, and require minimal maintenance.

Big Support

paratroopers delivering parts to a John Deere 870G excavator on a construction site in the rain.

Fully Backed Heavy Equipment

John Deere dealers know what it takes to support production-class machines. Each is armed with advanced machine monitoring, remote diagnostic capability, and world-class parts availability.

 image split with the back end of a John Deere 844K wheel loader being rebuilt in a dealership and the front end showing the machine back to work on site.

Machine-Rebuild Program

Extend the life of your machine with John Deere Powertrain ReLife Plus. Design a comprehensive and flexible machine rebuild solution that protects your bottom line — and keeps you moving forward.

Precision Construction Technology

Get more work done more efficiently through our suite of precision construction solutions.

Dealer Support

Stay up and running and lower your costs by making the most of our world-class dealer network.




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