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Customized Financing

Let us help you smooth out the ride – and keep you financially sound.

Sometimes, the seasonality of your business can feel like a roller coaster ride. We have solutions to smooth out the ups and downs with Customized Financing. Let us help you find ways to conserve cash so you can grow your business and worry less about the ride ahead.

Equipment Financing: Which Option is Right for You?

John Deere Financial offers great rates and flexible payment programs whether you buy or lease your commercial mowing or turf equipment — so you can choose what’s right for your business.

Have you considered buying?
Owning your commercial landscaping equipment offers your business major benefits including tax advantages.

Have you considered leasing?
It’s a good way to preserve capital, adapt to changing workloads, and maintain access to the latest John Deere grounds care equipment. You could discover that leasing can make more sense — and dollars — for your business than you ever imagined. With leasing, you can:

  • Make lower monthly payments — improving cash flow.
  • Cut repair costs by operating equipment under warranty.
  • Reduce equipment downtime by using the newest, most efficient equipment available.
  • Eliminate the hassle of disposing of used equipment.
  • Bundle in parts and Stihl equipment for an easy purchase process.
  • Hold onto your cash and leave credit lines open for other opportunities.
  • Set up a customized payment schedule based on your individual needs.

* John Deere Rewards level savings are based on total units purchased. A member’s per unit discount for an eligible sale will be based on the highest accumulated qualifying equipment purchased at the time of an eligible sale. See terms and conditions at for details.

Your cash flow changes with the seasons.

So should your payments.

Manage your company’s cash flow with financing programs that offer flexible monthly payments to match your income stream.

Seasonal Payment Plan (SPP) — Make smaller lease or instalment payments for up to 6 consecutive months of your choice, paying as little as 1 percent of the amount financed during high-expense months. The difference is added to payments during higher cash flow months.

Skip Payments — Tailor your payment schedule to your seasonal needs by choosing up to 4 consecutive months each year to skip payments.

Seasonal Payment Plan Example

Low cash flow October to March $13,525 financed at 0.9% APR for 36 months ¹

MonthRegular Monthly Payment OptionSeasonal Monthly Payment Option

April - September



October - March



Skip Payment Plan Example

 $13,525 financed at 0.9% APR for 36 months ¹

MonthsMonthly payment without skipped paymentMonthly payment with skipped payment

March – October



November – February




One simple payment.

Bundling makes grounds care equipment and services more convenient and cost-effective when you include them in your lease or installment financing packages. Consider adding on:

  • STIHL® handheld and a trailer for an easy purchase process.
  • Attachments and accessories you need to be more productive.
  • The John Deere parts you know you’ll need for the loan term to save interest and time for your service technician.
  • Equipment service packages and extended warranty coverage — no unexpected costs down the road.

Grounds equipment and parts bundling benefits chart

Customized Financing

NEVERSTOP features flexible leasing programs, so you can preserve capital, adapt to changing workloads and maintain access to our latest equipment. We also offer skip payments and seasonal payment plans.

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¹ Calculation is an example only and is not a representation, claim, statement, request or proposal. Rates used for calculation are not guarantees or offers. Your actual payment(s) and payment schedule may vary depending on transaction terms, including applicable rates, freight and other charges. All credit offers are subject to John Deere Financial approval and dealer participation.