6M & 6R Series Row Crop Tractors (140-155 hp)

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90 Day No Payments No Interest followed by 0% APR/ACR fixed rate for 46 Months 1

on New John Deere 6M & 6R Series Row Crop Tractors (140-155 hp)

  • 90 Day No Payments No Interest followed by 0% APR/ACR for 46 months¹
  • Offer available 01 May 2020 through 06 July 2020

Offer available 01 May 2020 through 06 July 2020

¹Purchase financing for 48 months on new John Deere 6M/6R (140-155 hp) Series Utility Tractors.  No payments, no interest for the first 90 days.  After 90 days, interest begins to accrue on unpaid amounts at 0% APR/ACR and purchaser will repay principal and interest over remaining term in accordance with the terms of the contract.  Down payment may be required. Representative Amount Financed ("RAF"):  $100,000 at 0% APR/ACR, monthly payment (waived for the first 90 days) is $2,173.91 for 46 months, total obligation is $100,000, cost of borrowing/credit charges based on RAF is $80.  Monthly payments/cost of borrowing/credit charges will vary depending on amount borrowed/down payment.  MSRP cash price based on highest priced product in series shown (6155R) as of January 1, 2020: $235,314 (includes estimated delivery, freight, set-up and a $100 documentation fee), plus taxes.  Minimum finance amount may be required; representative amount does not guarantee offer applies.  The charge for amounts past due is 24% per annum.  Dealers free to set individual prices. Additional dealer fees may apply. Financing on approved John Deere Financial credit only and dealer participation. Contact your participating dealer for details. May not be combined with other offers. Discounts or other incentives may be available for cash purchases. By selecting the purchase financing offer, consumers may be foregoing such discounts and incentives which may result in a higher effective interest rate.

Note: Disclaimer applicable Canada-wide