To stay ahead of the competition, you need logging machinery that keeps up at the landing. That's why John Deere knuckleboom loaders are built to work through harsh environments.

With powerful swing torque and lift force, streamlined hydraulics, reliable fluid economy, and expansive visibility, these rugged machines set the pace in the forest day after day.

Why use a knuckleboom loader?

Knuckleboom loaders have specially designed booms for log handling. The double boom and center knuckle allow for loading in tight spaces and working within low clearances.

John Deere knuckleboom loaders combine component strength with smarts to help you meet challenges in the woods. They provide quick swing and boom movement so you can get the job done and move on to the next.

We offer two knuckleboom models as part of our full line of forestry equipment.

Our knuckleboom loaders provide loggers with these advantages and more.

  • Up to 8% boost in fuel economy: John Deere PowerTech™ engine minimizes total fluid consumption.
  • Optimized hydraulic oil reservoir capacity: decreased from 80 to 40 gallons, the reservoir reduces refill time and oil change costs.
  • Maximized uptime: large fuel tanks, reliable cylinders, and fuel-efficient engines allow you to work longer between fill-ups.
  • Auto-idle feature: automatically reduce engine speed when hydraulics aren't in use to save fuel.

Have questions about our knuckleboom loaders? Your local John Deere dealer is happy to help. You can also build your machine using our online configurator.

Technology to optimize performance

Seamlessly coordinate your team's performance in the woods and in the office with John Deere forestry and logging technology solutions. Our knuckleboom loaders come equipped with a powerful set of core technologies and capabilities to help you manage the health and performance of your fleet.

John Deere Connected Support™ creates a partnership between your dealer and teams at the factory to improve the uptime and profitability of your equipment. John Deere Operations Center™ allows you to monitor your fleet and can improve machine health through data insights and remote diagnostics to minimize downtime.

Additionally, you can take the guesswork out of planning, implementing, and monitoring your operation with John Deere Precision Forestry tools, including TimberMatic Maps™ and TimberManager™. These technology solutions allow contractors and operators to share real-time production and location information, helping them make more effective decisions.

Adding John Deere knuckleboom loaders to your fleet of forestry equipment is just one way to succeed in the trees. Making the most of our world-class dealer network is an easy way to decrease costs, increase uptime, and stay on top of your logging operation.

Ready to put our knuckleboom loaders to work in the woods? Contact your local John Deere dealer for details today.

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