60,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide emissions

Tree branches and drawings of cars

John Deere has been offering a telematics system for forestry machines since 2013. Currently, there are more than 10,000 connected machines within some 2,500 different customer organizations. Because data has been collected for several years, it is possible to compare newer model series to older ones. 

The data shows that, on average, G-Series wheeled harvesters consume 16% less fuel per produced cubic meter than the E-series. This meant 60,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide emissions in 2021 alone. 

The impact is equivalent to replacing over 35,000 combustion engine cars with electric cars.

The difference between the E-series and G-series depends on the size class and varies by market area. Obviously, the improvement is driven by many factors – from technical development to software features and higher uptime resulting from improved machine quality. Operator skill also affects productivity to a great extent. All these factors combined leads to a meaningful reduction in carbon emissions, proven by actual data collected from thousands of machines.