Mixed-Fleet Data Solutions

Outrun the Competition, Your Way

Since nearly all of our customers have a mixed fleet to some degree, we're making it easy for you to utilize all your telematics data in one place. Rather than dictate what solution you should use, we collaborate with a diverse group of construction software and logistics portal providers so you can select the solution you want for a full fleet view. Run your world, your way.

  1. The Mixed-Fleet Data Solution Providers below can easily incorporate JDLink™ data from your John Deere machines into their application interfaces.
  2. You pick the solution provider you're already working with, or want to work with, from our list of providers.
  3. Just ask your selected provider to pull in your JDLink data.
  4. See and leverage your entire fleet's data in your selected portal.
infographic detailing the jdlink machine data api

Each mixed-fleet data solution provider also offers hardware to enable telematics on assets without a telematics terminal, such as compact equipment, over-the-road trucks, and even non-powered items such as trailers. Data from these assets is then viewable in the respective data solution provider’s application. Your John Deere dealer can also provide a hardware solution if you’d prefer to manage basic data for assets such as these with JDLink Dashboard.


Mixed Fleet Solutions Providers



View OEM Data From Multiple Manufacturers on One Website.

Product Description:
HCSS OEM Link gives you one simple place to access OEM data from John Deere and other industry leading manufacturers. By automatically consolidating your OEM data into the HCSS GPS website, you can track all of your equipment on one map. HCSS OEM Link interfaces with HeavyJob, Equipment360, and HCSS Dispatcher.

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Custom Telematics Solutions for Heavy Equipment OEMs and Mixed Fleets.

Product Description:
LHP Telematics is an industry leader in telematics solutions for construction companies both large and small. Our solutions are turnkey complete mixed fleet solution focused on obtaining all the relevant data from any asset in the field. No matter the asset make or model, type or age, LHPT has a solution that will be able to provide the data that drives your business decisions.

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Telogis Fleet

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No matter where your fleet is operating, it's critical to have instant access to vital field data. Telogis Fleet gives you the big picture across your entire mobile workforce so you can access all your fleet information with a single sign in.

Product Description:
With direct connections to AEMP 2.0 data from your John Deere equipment, you'll have all your fleet location details, historical tracking and mechanical performance information at your fingertips.

  • Better return on equipment- By improving asset utilization, you'll help get better bang for your buck on every asset. Know what's being used and what isn't, and where it is.
  • Help prevent major breakdowns- With real-time alerts on mechanical issues, you can respond quicker to the maintenance needs of your fleet and help improve overall uptime.
  • Trend spotting to improve decision making- See equipment usage trends over time to determine if assets could be used in a more economical, safer and profitable way.
  • Help improve asset security- Get around-the-clock monitoring of valuable equipment. Instant alerts can be generated when something leaves an area or is tampered with.

Ready to move to a better way to manage your mobile workforce? Choose telematics software that can adapt to your business.

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