May 05, 2015

The Future of the Forest

The ability to predict the future would be nice, but where's the fun in that? Not knowing what lies ahead may be intimidating, but in forestry, opportunities are on the horizon. As a logger, you have the chance to drive the industry in new directions and capitalize on the potential of forestry. Rather than waiting to see what tomorrow holds, be proactive today and make an impact beyond your current circle of influence.

Good intentions without action are meaningless. You've got the ambition—we've got a few tips to help you set in motion:

1. Embrace Expansion — Progress doesn't come without some growing pains, but in the end, the success is worth the discomfort. To remain competitive in the industry, expanding your business may be necessary. While many logging operations are kept within a family, it is possible to include outside resources and talent and still remain true to your company's values and vision. The supply chain between landowners, loggers, and mills presents logging companies with challenges due to consolidation, but expanding your business will prevent you from being squeezed out.

2. Get Business-Savvy — Spending all your time in the woods may be desirable, but the logistics of your business also require devoted attention; especially as you head toward the future. It's essential that you spend time planning and strategizing the marketing of your products/services, technology improvements that can make you more productive, and diversifying the use of your products.

3. Ride the Wind — Opportunities often arise swiftly, but can also pass by if you don't jump on board while you have the chance. Keep on your toes and aware of industry news, such as the housing market in China creating a demand for wood from the Northwest U.S., or the use of wood pellets and chips for energy in Europe. The use and application of wood is increasing, which is a perfect chance to expand your operations. Don't fear the unknown—discovering new business can spark some excitement into your normal routine.

4. Shift Perspective — It's natural to focus on what's directly in front of you, but when you begin viewing your business with a telescope instead of a microscope, you'll expose yourself to new thoughts and ideas. Consider your present actions as long-term investments. For example, hire your employees based on their knowledge, interest, and potential in the industry, or secure assets, such as new equipment or office technology, that will contribute to your productivity.

You can be confident in your tomorrow, because we're confident in you. At John Deere, We're For Loggers.