October 05, 2015

Steps to Helping Operators Realize Their (And Your Equipment’s) Full Potential

As technology and machine forms advance, the need for skilled operators has grown dramatically. Although equipment may be easier than ever to run, the additional technology and features on new machines often require operators to have additional training to maximize their full potential. Forestry training simulators allow operators to become comfortable on a machine in a classroom environment before working in the woods. Below are just a few advantages that training in a simulated environment offers:

  • Practice in all environments – Operators can practice their skills in all types of environments, machine forms, and configurations. By mimicking all environments one could encounter, you can be assured your operators are prepared to work safely and effectively in all conditions.

  • Feedback and progress tracking – Operators will see real-time results from their training with progress tracking and instructor feedback. Because progress is tracked, training can be tuned to focus on weak areas.

  • Life-like simulation – Simulators are equipped with all the monitors and controls you'd see in actual machines, right down to the seat. Operators will quickly master the setup for the machine and components, allowing for an easy transition to working in the real world.

  • Work in all aspects of harvesting – Operators will be able to work in every aspect of harvesting, from planning a stand to stacking timber at the landing. You can be assured your crew will be ready to safely accomplish every task your business demands.

  • Portable versions available – Simulators are also available in laptop form. By mobilizing training, you can set the hours, pace, and location at which your operators learn.

Simulators are a valuable resource that should be considered for any crew. Ensuring your operators are properly trained will save your company time and money in the long run and will make your operations safer. For more information on simulator training solutions for your business, contact your local forestry equipment dealer.