October 05, 2015

Finding and Keeping Great Employees

Obviously, your machines are an essential part of your business. But your employees are even more important to your company. By ensuring you are hiring the right people for your team, you can create a highly aligned organization that works well together and is more productive. Here are a few tips for finding and keeping great employees.

  • Enlist your employees – A good resource for finding talent may be your existing team. Use the employee grapevine to find people who could add value to your business. For example, consider a program that includes a referral bonus for an employee if a referred candidate is hired on.

  • Employee Orientation – It's important to have good practices in place for new employee orientation and training. A good orientation process enables new employees to feel like they are part of the team from day one. Consider using mentors or peer advisors to ensure employees feel welcome and have a resource for any questions that they may have during their first few months in a new position. Pair your new employee with someone who has experience with the company or previously held the new employee's position.

  • Benefits – Employees that feel like their job offers the best benefits are more likely to stay in their position. Consider offering flexible work hours, bonus packages, or yearly outings to reward employees for their hard work.

  • Identify behavioral spectrum – Identify and promote behaviors which create an inclusive, team-centered environment. This can also help employees understand their strengths as well as opportunities for advancement.

  • Develop leadership – Leaders help employees reach their full potential in various ways including understanding cultural or educational differences and contributing technical or professional advice. Leaders can be developed by gaining knowledge, skills, and key experiences essential to the business. Training programs can be used to develop new skills and experiences for your employees while developing them into leaders for new employees, and these classes can be useful for management in identifying leadership candidates.