February 12, 2016

Reach. Cut. Drop. Repeat.

The Rapid Cycle System (RCS), now standard for our new 800M Series Tracked Feller Bunchers and Harvesters (and optional on the 900Ms), allows faster, low-effort operation, using a single joystick to control all boom functions. By automating felling-head arm cycling and providing simple boom control, RCS shortens the learning curve and boosts productivity with less fatigue.

RCS can also be tailored to individual skill levels and adjusted to match specific harvesting conditions, from large single-tree harvesting to high-speed, multi-stem cutting. Simply make adjustments in the sealed-switch module and get to work – set it and forget it!

Tips on adjusting RCS

  • Skill level and harvesting conditions – Adjust the straight motion of the boom to suit personal preference or conditions. If conditions don't suit the fast, parallel motion of the boom, turn RCS off with a touch of a button for conventional two-joystick operation.
  • Slope – Broom trajectory can be tuned to be perfectly straight, a later aggressive slope, or a gentile downward slope by adjusting slope aggressiveness. Factor in the amount of ground debris or foliage in front of the tree to determine how low you can go in, as well as how much lift is needed after the cut.
  • Cutting uphill – Boom trajectory can also be adjusted to accommodate cutting uphill, for example, to stay level at a higher height than you normally would for a typical ground-level cut.
  • Extending and retracting – Set outward and inward trajectories to help quickly position the head when extending or retracting.
  • Head tilt – In addition to boom trajectory, head tilt can be tuned to productively cut level through the trees, or to cut through a tree and tilt backward immediately after the cut.
  • Master speed – Adjust the master speed to slow down the entire RCS at one time. This helps new operators get used to the system.
  • Auto clamp – Adjust the speed and delay on the Auto Clamp sequencing, depending on the size of the wood. Larger wood may need more time, while smaller wood can be set faster to increase cycle times. At any time, the Auto Clamp can be overridden by activating the normal clamp buttons.