John Deere Connected Support

We’re in your corner

Graphical representation John Deere Connected support links a logging jobsite to the John Deere dealer and John Deere’s Machine Health Monitoring Center to provide fast support and avoid downtime

Battling tough forest conditions in oftentimes remote locations, a logger’s most valued commodity is uptime. To help you defeat downtime, John Deere Connected Support delivers fast, accurate diagnosis of machine issues and rapid service response while keeping close tabs on equipment and operators. Here’s how it works.


Enabled through the JDLink™ telematics connection, John Deere Connected Support helps your local dealer monitor your machine or fleet’s health and react faster and smarter to problems. Often they can take action before you or your operator even knows there is an issue. This proactive approach keeps your Deere machines in peak operating condition, helping improve uptime and productivity.


Your dealer can remotely diagnose and sometimes solve a problem using remote diagnostics and programming. If technicians need to visit the machine, they arrive with the right parts and plans to solve the problem quickly — saving the time and expense of an extra trip to diagnose the machine. In some cases, machine software can be updated remotely, eliminating a visit by the tech and the need to take a machine out of service.


A team of John Deere machine monitoring specialists analyzes the telematics data from the entire fleet of connected machines to identify common problem patterns and validate potential solutions, called Expert Alerts. If your machine data shows similar patterns, an Expert Alert is immediately sent to your dealer so they can proactively engage you and discuss a plan to prevent probable future downtime — often before your machine shows any sign of trouble.

Combining machine monitoring, remote diagnostics, and predictive analytics, John Deere Connected Support can help you decrease downtime. Contact your local dealer today to learn more about John Deere Connected Support.