Simply Better

L-Series II machines incorporate simpler, easier-to-maintain design

Skidder hauling a load of logs through a cloud of dust

Our L-Series II Skidders and Feller Bunchers build upon the best features of the original machines while simplifying the design to increase reliability. Listening to our customers, we made significant yet subtle improvements under the hood without compromising power or productivity.

The simpler L-Series II models reduce maintenance and increase uptime with over 1,600 parts changes, including more robust electrical harnesses, fittings, hoses, and cylinder guards than previous models. Changes under the hood include improved component placement and dramatically reduced complexity of electrical and hydraulic systems.

L-Series II Wheeled Feller Buncher Improvements

  • Redesigned exhaust chute improves cutting efficiency.

L-Series II Skidder Improvements

  • Reinforced arch delivers maximum durability.
  • Increased grapple-squeeze force provides constant pressure, so operators are less likely to drop logs.

Improvements Common to Both Machines

  • Steering stops cushion impact at full articulation to reduce machine stress and deliver a more comfortable ride.
  • Simplified electrical routing boosts reliability and durability.
  • Improved hydraulic routings and fittings extend component life and ease service

Redesigned from the Inside Out