Invention Idea Form


Many suggestions, ideas and inventions (which we will refer to as suggestions) are offered to Deere & Company by persons who are not employed by Deere & Company. We welcome these suggestions. However, misunderstandings can be avoided if we review these suggestions only under certain conditions.

The conditions are necessary because similar suggestions may be offered by more than one person and we must be free to negotiate with whomever we believe to be the rightful owner of any patent rights involved in the suggestion.

Also, we have many employees devoted to research and development and we must preserve our right to use any ideas, inventions, and designs already known or available to us.

Therefore, we cannot accept a suggestion in confidence or on the condition that it be kept secret. Furthermore, you should understand that, if we review your suggestion, we can be under no obligation nor incur any liability as to any product we may later produce unless the obligation is set out in a separate written agreement between us or the liability results from our infringement of a valid patent.


The disclosure of the suggestion need not be elaborate. You may attach a simple sketch and type a description. If you have a machine or model, you may attach a photograph.

You should keep a copy of any materials you submit to us. We must keep a record of all disclosures we receive and therefore cannot return the materials to you.

For your protection we recommend that you sign and date your copies of the disclosure materials and have them signed and dated by some person who has reviewed and understands the subject matter. Your best protection is to file a patent application.

You may prefer to present your suggestions in person. However, we require you to submit your disclosure materials to us electronically so that we can make an initial determination of interest before you go to the expense of visiting us.


I have, and may in the future have, certain suggestions that I desire to, and may in the future desire to, disclose to Deere & Company. I understand that Deere & Company will review such suggestions only under the following conditions.

First: All my rights resulting from the disclosure of suggestions to Deere & Company or the use of such suggestions by Deere & Company shall be limited to those rights that may result from my being granted U. S. or foreign patents unless provided for in a separate written agreement between myself and Deere & Company.

Second: I agree that the suggestions given to the representatives of Deere & Company are not given in confidence and I understand that Deere & Company is not obligated to keep them secret.

By clicking the "I accept these terms" button below, I provide my consent and agreement to the conditions and want Deere to consider my suggestions. Note: a parent or guardian must provide consent and agreement to the conditions if the inventor is under the age of 18.

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