NEWS RELEASE   August 08, 2022

John Deere Enhances Knuckleboom Loader Visibility

Large image of John Deere 337E Knuckleboom Loader in the woods

John Deere announces visibility enhancements to its line of Knuckleboom Loaders

MOLINE, Ill. (Aug. 8, 2022) — John Deere introduces the latest updates to its Knuckleboom Loader lineup, including visibility enhancements. Aiming to increase operator safety and accuracy, the 2022 models of 437E and 337E Knuckleboom Loaders feature a newly designed front window by removing the external mesh guard and replacing it with a clear, polycarbonate window for uninterrupted view.

"We are always looking for ways to increase operator comfort on the job while keeping a focus on machine safety and design," said Jarvis de Groot, product marketing manager, Forestry Swing Machines and Knuckleboom Loaders at John Deere. "By removing the external window guard and redesigning the front window on the 437E and 337E Knuckleboom Loader models, we are significantly improving visibility for the operator, making for a safer and more comfortable work environment."

The 2022 model-year upgrades also feature a new hood profile in the left-rear corner of the machine, which opens up the view behind the machine. The new design partners with the window updates to make for a safer, easier-to-operate machine. By offering enhanced visibility, these models enable the operator to be more precise, maximizing uptime.

In addition to visibility enhancements, the latest models will offer optional satellite-ready radio, improving the operator experience in the cab. A new optional hydraulic vacuum pump can also be added to 2022 model-year machines, minimizing oil loss and spillage during times of hydraulic maintenance and repair.

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Large image of John Deere 337E Knuckleboom Loader in the woods

Upgrades also feature a new hood profile in the left-rear corner of the machine

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