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Canadian Divisions

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At John Deere, we run so life can leap forward

This powerful purpose is our promise to humankind that we will dream, design, and deliver breakthrough products that sustain our world for generations to come. We believe our Canadian divisions are exceptionally well positioned to seize the opportunites.

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Agricultural & Turf Division

The Agricultural &Turf (A&T) Division aims for our dealers, suppliers, technical providers, and other partners to view John Deere as the primary means to succeed in the marketplace. 

As agricultural practices and crops vary significantly across the country, A&T employees will often take on new job responsibilities. These firsthand experiences provide employees with a better understanding of customer needs in Canada.  Although agricultural producers account for the largest portion of our business, we also sell and support equipment for golf courses, property owners, landscapers, government agencies and snow removal contractors.

In Canada, the A&T Sales and Marketing department is based in Grimsby, Ontario. Employees work out of the head office or from home offices located across Canada.

Construction equipment

Construction & Forestry Division

The Construction & Forestry (C&F) Division has a robust presence in Canada and is vital to Canadian operations and the John Deere enterprise.  Employees in our C&F Division work closely with those linked to the land to build important infrastructure projects, and they help enable the use of critical resources to further standards of living for Canadians and customers worldwide.  Our customers build roads, housing developments, and resource infrastructure that are critical relative to meeting the needs of a growing population. 

The C&F Sales branch is active throughout the country and sells all construction and forestry equipment from excavators and dozers to feller bunchers and wheeled harvesters.

The C&F Marketing team is based in Grimsby Ontario.  Employee work out of the Grimsby head office or their home offices throughout Canada


Waratah Forestry has been a worldwide leader in forestry attachments for more than 40 years.  These highly-specialized attachments are designed specifically for the harvesting and processing of one of our country's greatest renewable resource, timber.  We manufacture our products at state-of-the-art factories located in New Zealand and Finland, and are dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative, and proven products developed with customer-driven focus.

Our employees, dealers and customers are proud of the high-quality products we produce and our industry leading customer support is the driving source of our everyday pride.

Waratah employees work in Kamloops BC, Dieppe NB or their home offices throughout Canada.

Parts Distribution Centres

The main focus of our distribution centres is the storage and distribution of John Deere parts, ensuring our dealerships and customers have the parts they need when they need it. These parts help to keep their Agricultural, Construction & Forestry, and Power Systems equipment working.

John Deere’s distribution centres represent a fast paced environment where every single job is recognized as a key component to the team.  Employees oversee the selection and distribution of parts to dealerships located across Canada and the US.  We have a very diverse workforce, with employees from all over the world, working together to serve the John Deere customer.

There are three locations situated in Canada: Grimsby, ON; Regina, SK and Edmonton, AB.

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John Deere Financial

John Deere Financial (JDF) is one of the largest providers of financial services to agricultural and construction customers. 

JDF opened for business in Canada back in 1978. Today, JDF offers a flexible remote work environment with the majority of JDF employees working out of their home office.

Our customers rely on you for dependable financing. You will be able to offer these services backed by the same company commitment to integrity, quality and innovation found in every John Deere product.

John Deere Financial offers positions in a variety of departments, including: Credit, Customer Management, Auditing, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, IT, Facilities and Legal.

Canadian Business Services

The Canadian Business Service team is based in Grimsby ON and includes a number of functions that provide support through-out Canada to the various John Deere business units.  This includes:  Accounting, Taxation, Commodity Tax, Customs, Payroll, Facilities, Business Analytics, IT, Environmental Health & Safety, Human Resources, Legal, Citizenship and Communications. 

The team has a big role in ensuring our John Deere businesses achieve their goals and is therefore a key player in the overall success of our Canadian operations.  It is our role to make sure that we keep the business and our employees safe while creating an environment where employees can grow and become diverse leaders.


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