In 2020, we announced a new vision and operating model to accelerate success through the integration of smart technology innovation with Deere's legacy of manufacturing excellence.

The Deere Smart Industrial strategy focuses on delivering intelligent, connected machines and applications that will revolutionize production systems in agriculture and construction, unlocking customer economic value across the lifecycle in ways that are more sustainable for all.

The core elements of our strategy's operating model — Production Systems, Technology Stack, and Lifecycle Solutions — paired with a new approach to capital allocation and the best team in the industry, are enabling us to innovate with agility and speed.

Our customers face increasing challenges that make their businesses more competitive and dynamic. We will build on our track record by creating and delivering customer value through technological innovation, engineering and manufacturing excellence, and a world-class dealer channel, all of which uniquely position Deere to anticipate, address, and outpace these challenges better than anyone.

We're pleased to announce our Leap Ambitions — the measures of our strategy. Our ambitions align across our customers' production systems to optimize their complete operations — ensuring that every hour, every drop, every seed, every pound, and every pass counts — delivering better outcomes with fewer resources.

Our Leap Ambitions are focused goals designed to boost economic value and sustainability for our customers. We've committed to achieving these goals within four-year (2026) and eight-year (2030) periods. These Leap Ambitions mean great things for our customers, employees, investors, dealers, suppliers, and others who have a stake in John Deere.